Realtime Technology Systems Pty Ltd was established by Geoff Roberts in 1997 primarily to provide specialist QNX™ services to users of the QNX™ Real Time Operating System. Prior to establishing RTTS Geoff had become involved in the development and maintenance of the QNX4 drivers for the Comtrol RocketPort products - producing the first of the interrupt driven drivers on the ISA products and then the PCI products. Around 2003 Geoff wrote the first of the QNX6 drivers for both the RocketPort uPCI and Infinity products (PCI-X). Shortly after that a driver was produced for the RocketPort Express (PCI-E) products. Geoff maintains these drivers to this day for Pepperl-Fuchs Comtrol.

RTTS became the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Comtrol in 2004 and remains a primary distributor of the former Comtrol products for Pepperl-Fuches in Australia.

Geoff has been joined by one of his sons - Lyle - who bring to the company high level technical engineering and science expertise. Lyle completed Bachelor of Science (Physics) and Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degrees at the Australian National University (ANU) majoring in electronics with a specific focus on high speed FPGA based optical interferometry and sensor processing. Lyle graduated with a PhD in Optical Physics and Engineering in December 2016.

Lyle is using his expertise to provide consultative services in the Doppler LiDAR (Navigation) and high powered optical phased array (OPA) fields to companies both here in Australia and USA.